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E1/T1 Trunk Gateways

200 E1/T1 Trunk Gateway

This is a cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market to work with Asterisk/Elastix/small IPPBX. Its built-in echo canceller function and voice decoding conversion function. Users can flexibly select G.711A/U, G.729, G.723, iLBC a variety voice decoding and easily complete IP and PSTN voice and signal converting. In addition, it provides friendly GUI configuration interface, users can freely configure and manage the equipment.


600 E1/T1 Trunk Gateway

This trunk gateway is aimed at small and medium enterprises and is used to help the enterprise to realize the evolution from the traditional PBX to voice IP. It supports PRI/SS7 protocol and adopts standard T1/E1 trunk interface to realize docking with traditional PBX. On the other hand, it also adopts standard SIP protocol docking with various softswitch to ensure PSTN seamless access to IP voice/NGN network, and achieving VoIP/FoIP and more value-added service. This gateway supports intelligent multiple trunk routing technology, makes the operator easy to manage trunk routing by price optimum rule, and the automatic switch-over between multiple trunk routing makes the network have high reliability.


1000 E1/T1 Trunk Gateway

This gateway is a kind of digital trunking gateway based on embedded operating system. It supports standard SIP/H.323 protocol with large-capacity carrier class telephone trunking gateway functions. It equips up to 4/8 ports and 1/2 ports (optional) with PRI/SS7 interface. It has upto 240 channels processing capacity, it guarantees the maximum performance of 8*E1/T1 trunk gateway (G.711/G.723/G.729 codec calls and T.38/Pass-through Fax).


2000 E1/T1 Trunk Gateway

This is a new-generation intelligent VoIP gateway, which is designed for enterprises, telecom operators and various industries. Focusing on a concept of maintainable, manageable and operable, It features high integration and large capacity. It provides carrier-grade VoIP and FoIP . services, as well as value-added functions such as modem and voice recognition. Thus it constructs a flexible, high-efficient, future-oriented communication network for users.


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