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Fibre Optic Cabling System

Giganet Fibre Optic Cable

The Giganet range of Fibre Optic cable is available in both tight buffered and loose tube, with the options of Multimode OM2, OM3 and OM4 and Singlemode OS2 variants.


Giganet Fibre Optic Box

The Giganet extensive range of Fibre patch boxes are suitable for indoor mounting applications and are available in SC, ST and LC variants.


Giganet Fibre Optic Pre-Loaded Panel

The Giganet 19" rack mount Sliding and fixed option Fibre Optic Panels in 1U are available in pre-loaded configurations in ST, SC and LC in both Singlemode and Multimode to economically connect, protect and manage high density fibre counts at data centre and floor distributors.


Giganet Fibre Optic Wall Mount Enclosures

The Giganet Fibre wall mount lockable enclosures are recommended for secured high density terminations allowing economical interconnection of fibres for outdoor or wall space limitations and come with adaptor plates and splice management.


Giganet Fibre Optic Connectors & Adaptors

The Giganet range of Duplex ST, SC and LC Multimode and Singlemode connectors are designed for quick and easy termination using the cold cure system with primer and adhesive (epoxy). The connectors are suitable for use with both loose tube and tight buffered fibre optic cable. The Giganet connectors provide low insertion loss, low back reflection, precise repeatability and high temperature stability.


Giganet Fibre Optic Patch Cord & Pigtails

The Giganet full range of fibre optic patchcords and pigtails (ST, SC, LC) are made from high quality grade Multimode and Singlemode fibre and connectors ensuring maximum performance with minimum insertion loss and back reflection.


Giganet Direct Burial Fibre Enclosure

The Innovative designed Giganet Optical Fibre Splice Tray (GN-OFST) is an arc and horizontal type with one hinge in one side and open in another side. Two pieces of insert plates and fixing bolts are used to fix and seal enclosure.


Giganet Dome Fibre Splice Closures

The Giganet GN-DM06 is a round type . A hoop is used to fix and seal enclosures cover the base making its installation quite simple. GN-DM06 is provided with 4 fibre cables inlet/outlet ports, and sealing is achieved by tightening the nut after installing the fibre cable.


Giganet Plastic FTTX Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Termination Boxes

The Giganet FTTX distribution and termination plastic wall mounted box offer as easy and cost effective solution for termination of fibre in both indoor/outdoor environments

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