Giganet 1U 19 Inch Brush Strip Panel

Part Number: GN-290011


Giganet 1U Brush Strip Panel. These panels are used in place of standard blanking panels to allow pass-through of cables between the front and rear of a rack or cabinet while still providing thermal protection to maintain hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.

  • Manufactured in 1.2mm steel
  • Powder-coated in fine-textured high-quality paint
  • Upper and lower edges formed with 15mm flanges
  • The front face has an open access point fitted with a brush strip to allow cabling to be passed through and to keep dust out.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Finished in high quality fine textured black
  • Colour: Ral 9005 Black


Width: 44.5mm
Depth: 482.6mm
Height: 9.0mm