Giganet 42U Width 600mm Depth 1070mm Data Centre Split Colo Cabinet

Part Number: GN-DC-6742-20U
split split2 07 split schematic


Giganet offers our “CO-LO” series of enclosures which provide two (GN-DC-6042-20U & GN-DC-8042-20U) separate (and secure) lockable enclosure spaces within the “footprint” of a single enclosure. These colo racks are manufactured from 1.5mm steel and have a high static loading capacity up to 1300KG.  The Perforated doors for massive front-to-rear airflow up to 78%. there are popular choices for high-density data centers and server rooms. Giganet CO-LO enclosure offers so much more than others on the market. Our co-location enclosures go far beyond the simple shelves and multiple doors offered by others as their separation mechanism. Each co-location space within the Giganet CO-LO enclosure offers a unique, separate and secure cabinet.

  • Each co-location space is exclusive; there are unique, proprietary channels (vertical raceways on the side and in the rear of the space) which allow power and cable management to move in and out of the space in a secure manner without mingling with or having access to any other spaces within the enclosure.
  • Each space is also protected from intrusion by any other enclosure “tenants” as well as any falling debris or errant hardware which may be left or dropped from one or more of the spaces above.
  • Giganet Co-Lo enclosures are available with mesh front & rear doors or with vented front doors and solid rear doors with built-in exhaust fans.
  • Two-compartment co-location rack with doors and side panels
  • Static loading capacity up to 1300KG (without leveling feet and castors)
  • Standard 24" width for optimizing floor space
  • Massive front to rear ventilation capacity
  • Locking, removable, reversible front and rear doors
  • Supplied with general duty castors and feet


Front Door: Lockable perforated door.
Rear Door: Lockable perforated door.
Side panels and rear door: Removable, quick open and easy maintain.
Width: 600mm
Depth: 1070mm
Height: 2055mm
Loading Capacity: 1300Kgs
Material: SPCC quality cold rolled steel
Thickness: Square hole strips 2.0mm, others 1.2mm
Surface finish: degrease, acid pickling, rust prevention and Parkerizing, pure water cleaning, static electricity plastic painting
Standard: Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41494; PART1, DIN41494; PART7, ETSI Standard
Body Color: RAL9004