Giganet Edge Micro Data Centre 10Kva Cabinet

Part Number: GN-EDGE-MDC-10
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Giganet Integrated Data Centre Unit Single Cabinet is Fully integrated with indoor type rack, UPS power, Battery, Cooling, Monitoring, Security, and Fire systems. Row cooling seamless integration with rack row and capacity expansion.

  • Cabinet size: 1500*1400*2000mm(W*D*H) (build-in PDU)
  • UPS 10KVA
  • Smart Power Distribution ( compatible with 4KW and 7KW)
  • 7.5kW in-row cooling (constant temperature )
  • Atmosphere lighting (1 set per cabinet)
  • Monitoring: 10 Inch LCD display ,monitoring unit (humidity & temperature sensors, smoke sensor)
  • Battery packs matching with 10kva UPS, Standard 3U
  • In-row Cooling Applicable for Containment


Width: 1500mm
Depth: 1400mm
Height: 2000mm
UPS: 10KVa
Mount Type: Rack Mounted
Input Power Type: 220V/1 Ph/50Hz
Cooling Type: In-row Cooling
Rated cooling capacity(KW): 7.5KW