Giganet 1 phase 8.5Kw In-row Cooling

Part Number: GN-IR-1PH-008A
giganet-inrow-cooling-1 giganet-inrow-cooling-2


Giganet in row cooling is an adaptive row-based cooling system placed close to the heat source and ideal for an Inrow level cooling solution for a data center.

  • No need to build a server room
  • 3 hours rapid deploy, put in use immediately with power on
  • Integrated intelligent design, integrated with cooling, UPS and battery system
  • 365×24h no guard
  • Operation cost-saving, energy consumption reduction more than 30%


Width: 300/6000mm
Depth: 1000~1200mm
Height: 2000mm
Compressor Type: DC Inverter
Total Cooling Capacity: 8.5KW