Giganet Sound Light Alarm Sensor

Part Number: GN-SEN-77412
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Giganet Sound light alarm module is a normal alarm that can be easily installed on-site. It is a security and protection monitoring product whose siren tingles and red light blinks while alarming on site. The users of this product cover various industries like Bank, Government, Postal service, Telecom, Hotel, Building, Factory, shopping mall, villa, ATM, Boundary alarm system and Security service system, and so on.

  • Long service time and stability, equipped with ultra-strong beeper and anti-explosion.
  • Interior ultra brightness lumination, clarity in five-point, cheap, small, loud and light, etc.
  • High luminance of red alarm light.
  • Applicable to various alarm and control systems and can work with gas detector & alarm with node output.


Nominal Voltage: DC12V
Rated Current: 200mA
Sound Pressure: 108dB
Working Temperature: -10 ~ +50C
Storage Temperature: -40~+60C
Relative Humidity: 20%~90%,no condensation
Heat-Dissipation Method: natural cooling
Altitude: ≤3000m
Canning Material: ABS shell of fire fighting & antiflaming
Size of Shell: 122×73×42mm