Giganet Infrared & Intelligent Remote Controller for Air Conditioning

Part Number: GN-SEN-77404


Giganet RTH-Rxx is a specialized “all-powerful” remote controller with self-learning functions for common air conditioning to realize remote monitoring. It comes with various functions like RS485 communication port, temperature & humidity acquisition, and self-learning. The monitoring system can complement various operations such as acquire temperature & humidity, realize remote on/off and set temperature & operation mode by learning controlling command of the original controller, thus, to realize remote monitoring and control of common air conditioning. RTH-Rxx is applicable to the common air conditioning of any brand and other infrared remote control devices.

  • Adopts self-learning principle and intelligent coding analysis technology to realize monitor and control for any brand of common air conditioning
  • Integrated design of temperature & humidity acquisition and remote control of air conditioning which is at low cost and high reliability.
  • Provide ultra large-sized LCD display that is visually displayed and simply operated.
  • 64 self-learning commands to learn various setting commands of air conditioning’s temperature, operation mode, airspeed,wind-sweeper, etc.
  • Realize automatically reboot for power on air conditioning and guarantee the recovery of operation mode before power disconnection.