Giganet Door Contact Sensor

Part Number: GN-SEN-77434
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Giganet Door contact is a small type accessory, specialized developing to monitor door status, which composites of two parts. The first part has leads, installed on a stable door with the controller, the second part has a different magnetic polarity of the first part without leads, installing on the movable windows and aligning with the first part.

Working Theory: The first part has a reed switch, when door opens, the reed switch is normal open, two leads output signal as normal open. When door closes, the reed switch is normal close due to the magnetic, two leads output signal as normal close. It is convenient to monitor whether door is open or close via door contact status. Door contact is easy to install with strong magnetic and flexibility.


Voltage: 12V
Running current: < 15mA
Static current: 3mA
Running frequency: 315MHz
Frequency deviation: ±0.2MHz
Power: >15mw
Distance: >100m
Time: 1.5S-3S
Magnetic valid distance: Pull in-15mm ; release-30mm
Acting Distance: 30mm