Giganet 120mm Straight Section Fibre Runner 2 Meters

Part Number: GN-100-240-2000
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Giganet Straight section is used to carry the cables horizontally throughout the system. Accepts cover and fittings. Giganet Fibre runner duct system is designed to ensure maximum capacity, network performance, high level of integrity, minimum downtime and reliability. The system provides optimal performance, protection from physical damage and reduces installation time in a data centre and offices.

  • Network Reliability
  • Reduction in installation time and cost
  • Enable future expansion
  • Flame retardant material rated GB/T2048-2008 FV-0
  • RoHS and ABS compliant
  • The ideal solution for optical raceway requirement and application


Height: 100mm
Width: 240mm
Length: 2000mm
Material: PVC/ABS