Giganet Category 6 UTP LSOH Violet Cable - 305m

Part Number: GN-C6X4-UTP-LSOH


The Giganet Cabling Solutions products have been designed and manufactured to top international quality standards for end-to-end Category 6 cabling installations in both horizontal and backbone areas. The Category 6 solid 4 pair UTP cable provides a considerable margin above all electrical transmission performance requirements and has been tested and independently verified to the highest international standards (UL Verified E301870 & 3P compliance statement no. 107380) to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-b.2-1 and ISO/IEC 11801 (2nd Edition) standards. The cable also features a central isolation cross member to keep individual pairs separated for optimal NEXT and ELFEXT performance. The cable is available in both PVC and LSOH outer sheath with the same performance characteristics. The Giganet Category 6 solid UTP cable when used with high performance Giganet Category 6 connectivity (work area outlets, patch panels and patch cords) provide superior performance capabilities of high bandwidth applications support.

  • UTP / LSOH.
  • 0.57mm (0.023 in.)
  • 23 AWG solid bare copper
  • 6.35mm (0.25 in.) max jacket diameter
  • Round jacket
  • Center isolation member
  • Transmission performance verified by UL
  • Reverse sequential marking
  • Jackets material is lead free