Giganet CST Armoured Loose Tube Multimode 50/125 OM3 12 Core Fibre Optic Cable

Part Number: GN-CST-LT-MM-OM3-(12)C
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The Giganet Loose Tube (LT) optical fibre cables with corrugated steel tape (CST) have been designed and manufactured for harsh rugged outdoor environments. The CST armor is bonded to the outer sheath and protects the cables from rodents and can be used as direct burial. The loose tubes are filled with gel which allows the flexibility and protection when pulling the cable and enables easier and faster installation on site. The water blocking E-glass strength members surrounds the tube and the CST is longitudinally applied. The CST armored cable is suitable for outdoor Campus and building Backbones. All cables designed are designed to IEC 11801 standards. The cable can contain 24 colour coded fibres in unstranded form and are available in OM3 variants.The cable outer sheath is flame retardant LSOH.

  • 250μm colour-coded optical fibre
  • Gel filled loose-tubes for fibre lubrication and water repelling properties FRP
  • Central strength member
  • Corrugated Steel Tape for superior protection


Number of Cores: 12
Type of tube: Loose Tube (LT)
Fibre type: Multimode 50/125
Category: OM3
Armouring: Yes
Rodent resistant: Yes
Operating Temperature: -40~75°C
Outer sheath material: Copolymer, thermoplastic (LS0H)