Giganet Blank Fiber Optic Panel

Part Number: GN-FDWR-BLNK
01 03 05-b 02 05-b 07-b


Giganet 1U blank patch panel. This panel has been designed to accept up to 48 fibres housed within a 1U space.With the ability to use a full array of Adaptor types offering a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multi functional panel which allow easy access during installation or re-work with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibres.

  • Up to 12,24&48 fibres in 1U
  • Multiple Adaptor options available
  • 12 Adaptor positions
  • Individually labelled ports
  • 45° open working angle
  • Accepts loose tube, distribution and pre terminated cables
  • RoHS, REACH SvHC and UL rated
  • Fits standard 19”