Giganet Direct Burial Fibre Closure 96 Core

Part Number: GN-OFST-96
Giganet-_Direct_Burial_Fibre_Enclosure-1 Giganet-_Direct_Burial_Fibre_Enclosure-3


The Innovative designed Giganet Optical Fibre Splice Tray (GN-OFST) is an arc and horizontal type with one hinge in one side and open in another side. Two pieces of insert plates and fixing bolts are used to fix and seal enclosure.

  • Availability either loaded or unload
  • High quality construction an finish
  • Simplex or Duplex Variant
  • Panels with numbered ports
  • Complete with fibre management kit
  • Available in Multimode and Singlemode


Length: 410mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 120mm
Weight (excluding outside box): 1900g-2100g
Number of inlet/outlet ports: 6 Ports (3 each side)
Diameter of Cable: Φ8—Φ16 (mm)
Capacity: Bunchy: 6—96 (Cores) Ribbon: max. 144 (Cores)