Giganet IN/OUT Lockable Wall Box IP65 UV Resistant 12 Position SC Simplex Unloaded

Part Number: GN-WP-12-U1
01 04 03 02


Giganet Lockable IP65 & UV Resistant distribution box is supplied unloaded as standard and offers the ability to terminate 12 fibers housed in a strong robust ABS enclosure for indoor and outdoor applications. An internal detachable tray provides a neat and tidy solution for housing 12 SC simplex connections and splices. The box has 12 patch cord exit points and up to 2 cable entry points which maintain the IP65 rating.

  • UV Resistant & IP 65 Rating for external use
  • 12 SC Simplex Adapter type
  • Accepts loose tube, distribution and pre-terminated cables
  • Lockable Door
  • Sealing glands for up to 12 exiting cables + 2 x 6.5mm- 13mm incoming Cable
  • Removable splice tray for easy installation
  • FTTH / FTTx Networks
  • Data communication Networks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Application