Giganet 40KVA Three Phase UPS

Part Number: GN-UPS-40KVAS


Giganet 40kVA is new generation power UPS, both input and output are three-phase, the output factor is 0.9. The efficiency of this UPS is very high,   it can achieve power saving and reduced cost to customer as a result.

  • Online-Double conversion
  • Output transfer time is Oms
  • PF C technology
  • Full digital control (DSP)
  • Output power factor: 0.9
  • Input current harmonic: 3%
  • ECO function
  • Charging/Rectifier/Inverter fully digital control technology
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 10- 30K(16/18/20 pcs optional)
  • 40- S0K (32/34/36/38/40 pcs optional)
  • Wide input voltage range: 208-478Vac
  • Wide input frequency range: 40-70Hz
  • DC start
  • Communication port: USB/RS232 / RS485 / Parallel port / dry contact
  • Options: SNMP card/Relay card
  • LCD/ LED double display
  • Intelligent charging management
  • EPO function
  • Common battery group
  • The output can meet 100% unbalanced load.


Capacity VA/Watts: 40k / 36k
Power Factor: ≥0.99
Nominal Voltage: 380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)
Operating Voltage Range: 45- 55Hz at 50Hz / 54- 66Hz at 60Hz (auto sensing)
Crest Factor: 3:1
Battery Voltage: Optional Voltage:± 192V/±204V/± 216V/± 228V/ ± 240Vdc(32/34/36/38/40pcs optional)